The "Worker" jean is HOT!

Name: Jessica | Date: 7:20 PM CST, 12/28/04

Yanuk Jeans are really fashionable. I just bought the Yanuk worker jean, and they look hot with everything in my wardrobe.



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Name: Sara | Date: 7:38 PM CST, 01/12/05
I also think Yanuk jeans are totally fashionable. But I think I need to find a Yanuk sale. I canít afford those jeans unless they are cheap Yanuk jeans.
Name: Lauren | Date: 7:57 PM CST, 01/12/05
I think Iím going to purchase the Yanuk soot wash jeans. The color is different than any of my other jeans, and they fit great.
Name: emily | Date: 8:00 AM CST, 03/08/05
I have a pair of the yanuk worker jeans a nd they are the most fantastic jeans ive ever had!! they fit great!
Name: Sissy | Date: 8:04 PM CDT, 09/08/06
I totally agree! I would never give up my Yanuks.
Name: tommy | Date: 2:22 PM CST, 11/07/09
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