Really unique handbags!

Name: Misha | Date: 6:42 PM CST, 12/28/04

If you are looking for designer bags, Transversion is the company you want to look into. They are colorful, stylish, and really unique



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Name: Frankie | Date: 8:16 PM CST, 01/06/05
I am looking for new clothes for work. I can also use several new bags. Transversion is a new handbag designer? I have never heard of them. Where can I check them out?
Name: Amber | Date: 9:50 PM CST, 01/11/05
Transversion handbags are awesome! I just discovered them, and I bought the 2003 Transversion bags for all of my girlfriends for Christmas.
Name: krystal | Date: 9:23 PM CDT, 04/20/06
i bought a transversion bag last year around this time and it has been the most unique bag i've ever found in my life. i've been searching the internet for a while now and can't find anymore that come close.
Name: amelia | Date: 5:29 PM CDT, 06/27/07
where can you buy these??
Name: aleksandra | Date: 11:20 AM CST, 12/14/08
I bought big transversion bag in second hand shop for 12 zł :D
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