I absolutely love Steve Madden!

Name: Kelly | Date: 6:28 PM CST, 12/28/04

There is something about Steve Madden shoes that I love. I canít exactly put my finger on it. But in the winter, I wear the Steve Madden boots, and in the summer I sport the Steve Madden sandals. I even wear Steve Madden slippers at night. Iím in love.



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Name: Kim | Date: 7:59 PM CST, 01/06/05
Steve Madden mary janes are my work shoes of choice. Unless it is super cold out, then I go with either the Steve Madden igloo boots or the Steve Madden roswell boots.
Name: Elizabeth | Date: 8:05 PM CST, 01/06/05
I canít go a day without visiting the Steve Madden Shoes website. Itís part of my daily routine.
Name: Mya | Date: 8:09 PM CST, 01/06/05
The Steve madden bullit and the Steve Madden glare are two high heel style that are so hot right now. If they were a little more comfortable I would want to wear them in my sleep!
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