Where can I find discounted Seven Jeans?

Name: Alex | Date: 6:10 PM CST, 12/28/04

I just tried on a pair of seven jeans, and they look so hot on me. I wish I could have afforded to buy them. Does anyone know where I can get some cheap seven jeans?



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Name: Shelly | Date: 9:48 PM CST, 01/05/05
Sometimes Seven Jeans are on sale on the Seven Jeans website. Otherwise, youíll have to buy Seven Jeans wholesale, and I donít even know how to do that.
Name: Maria | Date: 7:53 PM CST, 01/06/05
Sometimes Seven Jeans are on sale on the Seven Jeans website. Otherwise, youíll have to buy Seven Jeans wholesale, and I donít even know how to do that.
Name: Paula | Date: 7:57 PM CST, 01/06/05
I love Seven for all mankind Jeans! They make me look really skinny.
Name: Joy | Date: 3:41 PM CST, 03/19/05
Seven jeans are nice, I sell them. But, the hottest jeans out are the True Religion Bobby Joey Destroyed jeans. I just bought a large quantity and I got a significant discount. I'm passing the savings on to you. Email me at joysfashionfun@yahoo.com if you have questions, want to see the pictures, or want to place an offer. I have sizes 26-31. Thanks, JOY
Name: m | Date: 3:24 PM CDT, 04/14/05
filene's basement has seven jeans at a discount
Name: bill stern | Date: 4:19 PM CDT, 04/18/05
Hello, and thank you for your response, these are authentic jeans I do not sell knock-off clothing. What I carry as of now are the following styles, I send every week new releases and restock, due to the fact that I have many clients I keep many styles in stock. Seven Jeans for Men T520D061U Boot Cut $53 T5200061U $53 T520162U $55 T530061U A Pocket $56 ALL SIZES ARE AVAILABLE Seven Jeans Women U076PS080 Blue, Pink, and White Swish stretch $52 U130061U A Pocket Crystal pink and Yellow $68 U130163U A Pocket Rust $53 Havana "A" Pocket stretch Jean $85 Signature dcg wash $57 New Tri-Color "A" Pocket $63 Juicy Damaged jeans $62 Fleece Track suits Red, Green, Blue $ 67 Velour Track suits lavender, black, orange, blue, red, yellow $77 Short sleeve Track suits with crystals white, black, baby blue, pink beige, $88 AG Jeans light wash $62 Diesel Rolan 0010WC $66 Yokees 0010DI $66 Kuratt 0010LC $ 68 Rumbum 0010AJ $68 Citizen Of Humanity jeans Kelly Pacific dark wash $61 Ingrid Pacific Dark Wash $61 Ingrid Colorado wash $62 Lacoste Polo Shirts all colors sizes start from 6 and up $27 Blue Denim$35 Black Denim $33 Armani ax Black denim $36 Moschino Black denim $36 Beige denim $36 Hugo Boss Black Denim $42 Beige Denim $42 Brown Denim $40 All prices are based on a minimum order of 10 pairs, for under ten pairs please check with me for pricing. All larger orders over 30 pairs please check with me as well. I ship UPS and shipping fees depend on the buyers location. Forms of payment are as follows, Bank Check, Wire Transfer, Money Order, Company Check( takes 2 days to clear), and Western Union. Bill Stern High End Cloth 646-334-4228
Name: Alicia | Date: 3:56 PM CDT, 04/20/05
I also sell seven jeans at wholesale prices. My father owns clothing factories, so I have many connections. If anyone has questions, please feel free to email me.
Name: ladonna | Date: 2:06 PM CDT, 06/26/05
Alicia, I would like to buy some sevens from you. Also, what would I have to do to be able to sell seven jeans? Who do you buy them from? I am interested in opening a clothing store.
Name: jeanie | Date: 7:39 AM CDT, 07/21/05
hi, im interested to purchase the seven jeans design: Crystal Pocket Flare Jean Non Stretch, Havana/Grey Crystals in size 26..does anyone have it?
Name: dezi | Date: 8:48 PM CDT, 07/21/05
what? seven jeans for under $100? i get mine at macy's and nordstroms for $125!
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