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Name: jenny | Date: 12:57 AM CST, 03/02/06

Are 7 for all mankind the same as the original seven7 jeans



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Name: hear | Date: 10:38 PM CDT, 07/07/10
The company Juicy Couture is a baby in the fashion industry, and we have only seen the very beginning in their designs so far. The company was founded in the year 1994, and it was founded by the partnership of Gela Nash and Pamela Skits-Levy. This brand was made out of their home in California, and it was originally a huge success all over the west coast. At the start of Juicy Couture , they focused their fashion line in the direction of their sportswear and women's sweat suits; one of their primary goals in their manufacturing was stylish swell as being extremely comfortable. Juicy Couture came out with a new line for their fashion line and they had a party to debut this new line, it was held on the east coast so that more people could see the Juicy Couture line. This part opened up new doors for the Juicy Couture line, and because of the success of the showing at this event, a store in New York City selling their clothing line was soon opened. Juicy Couture continued to want to expand the company, after moving and establishing a successful shop in New York City, they decided to add products to their clothing line. In the year 2002, Juicy Couture added clothing lines for Men and Children; they also added many products for women including: handbags, jewelry, bathing suits, shoes, and a charm bracelet which remains one of Juicy Couture ’s top sellers. In the year 2003, Travis Jeans Inc, this was the parent company and owned all of Juicy Couture ’s assets -- Was Purchased by the cosmetic company Liz Claiborne Inc., for a hefty sum of almost 53 Million US. Although the change in ownership, Levy and Nash remained the co-presidents of Juicy Couture and to this day are still the main influencers. Juicy Couture continues to come out with new innovative urban influenced designs, and their expansion has recently hit cities such as: Boston, Manhattan, Santa Barbara, Scottsdale and Las Vegas. Juicy Couture is still very young in the overall scheme of things in the fashion industry, and they still have some great things to come with anticipating minds waiting for their new merchandise.
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