I need good fitting jeans. Never tried 7 jeans. Help!

Name: Melissa | Date: 5:57 PM CST, 01/11/05

I have heard of seven jeans but have never tried them. Can anyone give me some feedback. 7 for all mankind jeans are not cheap and I want to make sure they're worth the money. Thanks!



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Name: Hailey | Date: 6:16 PM CST, 01/11/05
Once you go Seven you never go back! I have the hardest time finding jeans that look good on me. I don't have a butt so that doesn't help. Seven jeans make your butt look nice and make your legs look slim and long. I made my sisters buy a pair and they love them. Anyone you ask will say the same.
Name: Joy | Date: 3:38 PM CST, 03/19/05
Sevens are nice jeans, I sell them. However, if you want the hottest Hollywood-esque jeans you gotta go with the True Religion Bobby or Joey Destroyed jeans. I have them at an insanely great price, since I just bought a high quantity and I'm passing the savings to you guys. Email me at Joysfashionfun@yahoo.com if you would like to place an offer, ask questions, or see pictures that prove they are legit and in stock. Thanks, JOY
Name: Titi | Date: 5:23 PM CDT, 07/29/05
I just bought a pair of seven jeans. I am six feet tall and a size 20 and boy do those jeans looks awesome on my booty!
Name: Princess | Date: 5:43 PM CST, 01/02/06
Sevens are those type of jeans that you dont mind wearing all day because they are SO comfortable. I dont think i'll ever be able to wear anything else. PLUS they are totally super cute with heels, and they absolutley make the butt look AWESOME!!!
Name: rtjjrterok | Date: 12:58 PM CST, 12/16/08
Name: hear | Date: 10:41 PM CDT, 07/07/10
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