Where can I buy DSL clothing?

Name: Brad | Date: 7:16 PM CST, 12/14/04

-Where can I get my hands on some Diesel Style Lab clothing? I live in the mid west and my friend brought back some DSL shirts from San Diego last month. I really want to get to a store to try on some Diesel Style lab gear.



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Name: Sam | Date: 5:29 PM CST, 12/20/04
Man I was wondering the same thing. I checked out the Diesel Style Lab website. It's cool and the clothes are awesome but where can I go and I buy it?
Name: john | Date: 10:22 PM CDT, 04/11/05
If you can find a store that sells diesel, you probably will find diesel style lab. DSL clothing can also be found at online retailers. Try to Google it.
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