I hate knock-off Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton bags!

Name: Melanie | Date: 5:07 PM CST, 01/21/05

I am very upset that people are selling knock-off bags. They have everything from Gucci, Prada, Coach, and Louis Vuitton. I pay lot of my own money to buy these bags and now these people are selling the imitations at a fraction of the cost. I have a neighbor that throws handbag parties and sells the knock-offs. So, don't contribute to this. Don't buy fake handbags, say no to knock-offs!



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Name: nicole | Date: 11:47 PM CST, 03/14/05
if you are stupid enough to pay full price then you deserve to be upset. i love knockoffs... i receive many compliments on them and plan on purchasing more in the near future...
Name: Kim | Date: 8:07 AM CST, 03/24/05
I agree with Nicole. Why pay 1000s for the same thing. Are they that much better? I think if you are willing to pay that much for a purse then you deserve to be upset. I have a knockoff Louis Vuitton and it gets the same response as a real one. The key is to find a good knockoff where people can not tell.
Name: Stephani | Date: 1:25 AM CDT, 04/06/05
I agree with Kim and Nicole. If knockoffs are made with the same material, save your money for buying something more meaningful; something that will appreciate with time. Handbags are like cars: you have it for a season, then it's vintage, and years later, not worth the money you spent for it. So, if you have thousands of dollars, why not open an IRA, or interest bearing account and make some money on your thousands instead of wasting it on a dang purse. -a bonified purse junkie
Name: Jessica Cole | Date: 2:32 PM CDT, 06/09/05
Knockoffs are the way to go, do you really have that much money to be spending on designer bags? I'd so much rather buy a car or a computer or something else more worthwhile. But...that's just me.
Name: Symone Harding | Date: 11:40 AM CDT, 06/13/05
If you said that you did'nt like knock offs because of the very obvious criminal and ethical elements involved I would be inclined to agree, but just because you've paid full price and your feelings are hurt?, get a life!
Name: bb | Date: 3:53 PM CDT, 07/03/05
OMG.. no do not buy fake purses. that just shows how cheap you are and fake. if you want to "Be cool" and get a nice purse, get some money. If not, get one you can afford. I have a real Dooney Purse.. and get compliments all the time, unlike KNOCKOFF purchasers who are gay and POOORRRR!
Name: caitlyn | Date: 11:23 PM CDT, 07/05/05
i agree with knock-offs. maybe some ppl cant afford the real ones like some rich ppl [like bb] and then if u can afford a real one then go for it. not all purses have to be the top of the line. i like louis vuttion and that but i am going to get a real coach one. becus i could not find a fake. i support buying real thing but when u r goning to be rude about it dont even buy then. and one more thing bb for what u said about knock off purchaser who r gay and poor that could realli hurt someone so if i were u i would go do something else besides making fun of ppl who do not have the nicer things in life like nice hand bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ohhh yay bb it is not dooney it is dooney and burke one more thing they are not that much money soo i think u r the upset one.
Name: mook | Date: 10:29 PM CDT, 08/04/05
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Name: miss real | Date: 1:15 AM CST, 11/16/05
i think people should understand this material things do not make a person its the person that makes the material things. everyone that is cought up in how much things cost are just plain childish and dumb. buy things thats gonna mean something and thats gonna make you some money. you is what should cost alot, not some clothes, shoes, accessories, cars, and etc. you people need to learn that and grow up. and for those that say buying cheaper things are gay your gay just for saying that stupid!
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