Burning Buddha drawstring pants fit

Name: Sara | Date: 6:56 PM CST, 12/14/04

Does anyone know how the Burning Buddha drawstring pants fit?



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Name: Nancy | Date: 8:11 PM CST, 12/28/04
For my birthday I got a pair of Burning Buddha drawstring pants, and they are so comfortable. I lounge around in them all the time.
Name: Liz | Date: 9:10 PM CDT, 04/11/05
Where did you find your Burning Buddha draw string pants at? I tried to google it and found nothing. I am looking for a comfortable pair of pants.
Name: Mandy Candy | Date: 10:20 AM CDT, 09/09/06
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Name: Laura Karrere | Date: 5:43 PM CDT, 09/12/06
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