What's the word on Big Star Jeans?

Name: Laura | Date: 6:34 PM CST, 12/14/04

My sister just told me about Big Star Jeans Co. Does anyone know anything about big star jeans? If I'm going to spend the money, I want to make sure they are good quality.



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Name: Sara | Date: 7:46 PM CST, 12/28/04
If you haven't gotten yourself a pair of Big Star flairy jeans yet, hurry up! They are my favorite pair of Jeans by far…and I am a picky shopper.
Name: Michael | Date: 3:32 PM CST, 01/22/05
I've been wearing Bigstar jeans for 15 years now and every year they get harder and harder to find, I've been online with no success, I had a phone # and e-mail address once but they've expired. Anyway they're the best jeans in the world, I can't wear any other jeans. p.s. I think they're the best fit jeans for women. Talk to you later!
Name: kari | Date: 8:13 PM CDT, 04/05/05
i work at buckle and we sell them
Name: Brianna | Date: 10:05 PM CDT, 06/05/05
The Buckle sells them. I bought mine about 2 months ago and just wore them for the first time. What was I waiting for??? I am now in the process of buying more. I am a picky girl too! They are made for REAL women. I have wider hips and a smaller waist and they fit like a glove. I have had SO many compliments that my butt looks great in them. They are worth EVERY PENNY!
Name: Caroline | Date: 1:05 PM CDT, 06/28/05
Big Star jeans are amazing! I agree with all of the other reviewers. They are hard to find..I believe they are from Germany. You may remember that they were big 10-15 years ago, but are back with a vengeance! Check out the jean jackets too; they're super!
Name: nicole | Date: 12:46 PM CDT, 07/08/05
im 5'11" and its hard to find jeans that are long enough, low rise and tight...big star is perfect. mine were $87. worth it. ive had them for 4 months and still in perfect shape. they never get baggy like a lot of jeans after a while.
Name: Constantine | Date: 1:29 AM CDT, 08/30/05
:) I've bought an excellent model of BS in the store of marked down clothes only for $6!! Good luck.
Name: kate | Date: 11:07 PM CDT, 09/13/05
Trying to find the wholesale contact for these jeans as i'd like to sel them in my store.
Name: Cassie | Date: 8:41 PM CST, 01/09/08
I sell them at Robin's in El Dorado Kansas our phone number is 316-321-3280 and ask for me.
Name: Rachael | Date: 7:17 AM CDT, 05/30/08
I love these jeans! I am thicker and the Maddie style is my favorite! Anyone who is a size 12 or greater these are the jeans for you.
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