Does 7 diamonds make jeans?

Name: Randy | Date: 9:53 PM CST, 01/05/05

7 Diamonds clothing is awesome for the fashionable guys. It is a trendy line that looks smart and stylish. Do they make 7 Diamonds Jeans?



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Name: Brian | Date: 8:38 PM CDT, 04/11/05
As far as I know, 7 Diamonds only makes shirts. I have a few of there shirts and I love them. I think 7 diamonds could make some great jeans.
Name: kathleen | Date: 11:30 AM CST, 11/28/06
i love there shirts
Name: kathleen | Date: 11:33 AM CST, 11/28/06
yeah ps they do make jeans oh yeah there are so great!!
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