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The Von Dutch brand, named for a L.A. car and motorcycle customizer, has hit critical mass.

The Von Dutch hat (known as trucker hats) have quickly picked up momentum as celebrities continue to share the limelight with the popular headwear.

Von Dutch hats seen on the heads of starlets Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie in the Simple life quickly sold for 3 times their MSRP on ebay after the episode aired.


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Von Dutch Hat Craze

Von Dutch Originals, which was founded in 1999, was formerly mostly known for greaser-chic jeans, T-shirts and motorcycle jackets.

The wide-billed, foam-front truckers' hat, borrowed from the auto and tractor parts dealerships of rural America, has made Von Dutch a very couture name.

If you would like to review general von dutch clothing please visit that page. Other Von Dutch bags, belt buckles, rings and jewelry can also be reviewed.


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