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As far as clothes go, Von Dutch clothing is about as popular as any brand out right now. With the momentum their trucker hat line has given the brand they've succeeded in developing an array of popular clothing lines. With Von Dutch jeans, shirts, belts and a variety of other Von Dutch gear in design stage, you can be sure this brand will continue to innovate.

Two of the newest developments for Von Dutch Clothing have been the addition of Von Dutch Kids clothes and the sponsorship of a Ducati motorcyclist which brings them more onto the bike scene.

With Kustom hoodies, windbreakers and Von Dutch long sleeve shirts mixing it up there's no wonder why they're dominating right now. Also, Von Dutch bomber jackets, biker jackets and skirts are starting to get more daring and versatile.

Visit their site for pictures, art and the bios of the people behind the Von Dutch clothing success.


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If you would like to review VON DUTCH trucker hats please visit that page. Other Von Dutch accessories can also be reviewed.


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I love the Von Dutch kids line! It is so adorable!
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Where can I buy these Von Dutch boots?
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von dutch hats
these hats are cold
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Von Dutch is so played out
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i like von dutch
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Von Dutch is so freaking hot on guys!
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