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Cecil Gee fashions, renowned for its cutting edge tailoring has stores in over 25 UK cities. Building on its enviable reputation, Cecil Gee’s buyers have been busy sourcing new and exciting design talents both in the UK and throughout Continental Europe. The result is the introduction of a number of niche brands that reflect a move to urban-style daywear with hot new names such as Nolita making an appearance. The No.l.ita (Nolita) clothing label will not be found in many other stores and the parent company is working to ensure that they continue to offer the un-paralleled choice. No.l.ita and other brand new introductions to the Cecil Gee line can be found at his stores alongside his custom-made couture collection.

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Nolita or No.l.ita ("North Little Italy") is an Italian community in Manhattan, New York. This little community is the source of inspiration behind the No.l.ita brand.

No.l.ita was founded in 1998 in Italy. Each item designed by No.l.ita is a hand made unique piece that attempts to capture and express, in the form of cut and material, an intersection of two worlds. The modern trends of New York and the cool elegance of the large city meets with Italian flair and its influences from the Mafia. Though the brand name suggests New York, the Italian vein is clearly noticeable in the very feminine and seductive design of the young label.


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