Killah Babe Clothes Collection

A new line derived from the popular Miss Sixty clothing line, Killah Babe clothing combines, vintage, colorful and girlish styles to create a really imaginative lineup of affordable clothes.

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Killah Miss Sixty Clothing

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Killah Discussion:
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Killah Babe Lass Jacket
This Killah Babe jacket is super warm!
11:57 AM CDT, 08/02/09
Hard to find
1:59 PM CDT, 07/03/09
Killah babe skirt
You have to check out the Killah Babe skirt!!
4:25 PM CDT, 06/29/09
Killah Babe Peggy Shoes
Super versatile shoes!
9:21 PM CST, 01/05/05