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First Juicy Couture took terry cloth and redefined it. Now they have taken thermal clothing to another level. We have all worn thermal clothing in one point in our lives. Thermal underwear have been essential, especially to those who live in cold areas. Now that thermal is the new fabric in men's and women's sportswear, it's no wonder that Juicy Couture has done it again!

Juicy Couture has taken this thermal fabric that we usually hide under our clothes and has made it stylish and wearable. Now you won't be left in the cold because Juicy will keep you warm on the inside and out. Find your favorite Juicy styles like long sleeve thermal hoodies, thermal pants, thermal jackets and even thermal skirts.


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Juicy Couture thermal clothes
Juicy's thermal hoodie and pants rock!
6:17 PM CST, 01/24/05