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Juicy Couture Sweatsuits:
Are you a velour sweatsuit or terry sweatsuit kind of girl? If your a Juicy girl you love them both. You love that Juicy sweatsuits are so soft and comfortable. You love the cool colors they come in. And above all you love that you can wear Juicy sweatsuits anywhere you go!

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Juicy apparel is super popular among everyone from young teens to successful 40 somethings; and it doesn't stop there. Juicy sweatsuits and juicy gear are the hottest fashion and it's a style that's here to stay. Why would comfort and cool colors ever stop pleasing us?

Some of the fleece sweatsuit fashions that Juicy makes or that we expect to see soon are terry sweatsuits, terry clothe sweatsuits for guys, fleece sweatsuits, and more Juicy men's sweatsuits.


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Some of the materials that make Juicy sweat suits popular are: fleece, cashmere, terry, and linen. For comfortable clothes, Juicy clothing tops the charts.

The popular fabrics for Juicy sweatpants are: fleece, cashmere, terry, and linen.

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Sweat suits Sweat suit
n. pl.
Cotton jersey pants usually having a drawstring or elasticized waist and elasticized cuffs worn especially for exercising. Or Lounging! :-)


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