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Recently Juicy Couture has brought their magic touch to more and more handbag designs. These purses, totes and carryalls are made of great materials in designs that are oh so complimentary to the Juicy clothing line.

A hand bag by Juicy means both quality and style that are rarely seen amongst many of the popular brands. It's that combination that has created a huge trend; one that seems to have no end.

With a little direction there is almost no Juicy Couture handbag color or style combination you can't find. From small bags to satchels and larger purses or bags, expect to spend $60.00 to $400.00


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I love Juicy Courture handbag
I love Juicy Courture hand bag
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Juicy has a great variety of handbags!
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Juicy Couture Wholesale Seller
Pet carriers, baby fluff, daydreamer, superstar bag and many others
9:24 AM CDT, 07/13/09
Juicy is the best teen brand
juicy Couture
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Juicy Couture Leather Glam Clutch
Has anyone seen the Juicy Glam Clutch in stores?
9:23 AM CDT, 07/13/09
where do u find goood juicy purses
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