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Juicy Dresses:
Juicy Couture has helped to shape the standard of the stylish modern dress. With ever so popular styles such as the Smocked Juicy Terry Tube Dress and the Juicy Velour Tube Dress; Juicy Couture has got it going on when it comes to dresses.

Juicy Couture makes dresses suitable for all occasions, from a day at the beach to a night on the town. Juicy dresses are super versatile and come in many different styles and are made from your favorite Juicy materials.

Fashionable Juicy Dresses

Juicy apparel is super popular among everyone from young teens to successful 40 somethings; and it doesn't stop there. Juicy dresses are making juicy gear the hottest fashion and it's a style that's here to stay. Why would comfort and cool colors ever lose their popularity?


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Dress - v. dressed, dressing, dresses - v. tr.

To put clothes on; clothe.
To furnish with clothing.
To decorate or adorn: dress a Christmas tree.
To garnish: dressed the side dish with parsley.
To arrange a display in: dress a store window.

A Dress - n.
Clothing; apparel.
A style of clothing: folk dancers in peasant dress.
A one-piece outer garment for women or girls.

Some of the dresses fashions that Juicy makes or that we expect to see soon are summer dresses, a terry tube top dress, a terry shortsleeve raglan dress, a terry tube dress with ruffles, terry shirred tube dresses, an empire tennis dress, a linen ruffle tube dress with tie, a linen smocked tube dress, a strappy smocked tube dress, and a tube dress with satin trim.


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This Juicy dress is so HOT!
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What colors do the Juicy Diamante bracelts come in?
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Juicy Couture Ruffle Tube Dress
This Juicy dress is totally cute!
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Tube dress without ruffles?
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