James Perse (JP) Clothing line

James Perse as a 19 year old started his clothing company by designing a baseball cap - he couldn't find one that fit his eye, head or with the quality he desired. James Purse hats are popular in the movie industry circle, such as directors and crews. One of his first successes as a designer came when he made hats for Martin Scorsese's 50th birthday.

Following in his father's footsteps, James Perse made his name in the clothing industry. His eccentric father Tommy Perse started Maxfield in the 80's, a trendy store that first brought in now famous brands like Giorgio Armani to the Southern California area.

James Purse's father and mother split when he was very young and his style melds the differences between the two. His father was a minimalist and liked a clean house with turned out to have an almost antiseptic feel (take your shoes off at the door, please). His mother, however, held a comfortable home which was more warm and welcoming. James was able to blend the two to make his own style.

The James Perse T-shirt line was launched in 1994 and in 1998 worked his way into men's fashion and eventually launched a line for toddlers and kids.

James Purse fabrics are know for the extremely soft feel, and are very basic but modern looking. You won't find many bright or loud patterns, rather more basic colors like grey, white and black.

Some celebrities that wear James Perse clothing are Jennifer Aniston, Teri Hatcher, and Rumer Willis.

James Perse clothing is high end wear. James Purse T-shirts retail for about $60 and French terry hoodies about $195.

Also, an interesting tidbit is that not only does he design clothes but also has his own James Purse Furniture line. You can even get your own James Purse Bike!


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James Perse Locations

There are 12 James Perse retail stores including 6 on the west coast. Recently added is online shopping on his web site.

You can buy James Perse clothing at any one of the James Perse retail stores or many high end department stores like Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue or Barneys.

James Perse empire is growing quickly with $80 million in sales last year compared to $20 million just four years ago.


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