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Indah clothing is a great choice whether you are out on the town or doing the usual things around the house. Indah clothing is known for using the best and softest materials. If you are out on the town the Lea Silk Dress is the perfect option. Or if you are trying to get routine chores done around the house consider the Sapphire Cargo Pants.

If your looking to dress warmer the Park avenue jacket and Paloma hat is the answer. The new line includes a throwback to rayon crepe, a most wonderful clothing material. The Allesandra dresses are heirloom quality when you think about 8 yards of hand crocheted lace. And you want to be in do not overlook the Dakota dress.

Libby De Santis founded Indah Clothing, moving from Hawaii to Bali to start the business. She takes pride in that the pieces of clothing are not massed produced. Some of the pieces are hand painted using natural dyes from tree bark, leaves and flowers. This attention to detail leaves the clothing beautiful and different. And while all this was going on during the time that Libby founded the company she was also raising a family and jetting between Bali and Hawaii to run Indah Clothing.


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