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Gorjana's earliest memories as a child are of helping her grandmother knit sweaters for the family in the old country of Yugoslavia. Yugoslavian's basic way of life and unparalleled breathtaking pre-war landscape, serve as inspiration. Gorjana draws upon this simplicity and beauty as a designer.

At the age of seven, Gorjana moved to Canada and quickly adapted to a faster paced, North American lifestyle. Encouraged by the rise of eighties pop culture, she continued her passion for creativity by making everything from belts to jean jackets with her sister.

By the time Gorjana was fifteen she was living in the United States, where Ford Model & Talent took note of her fresh European look. Modeling gave Gorjana her first exposure to the glamorous side of the fashion industry. Photo shoots and catwalks became the foundation for her keen sense of style.

At twenty-one, with a degree in marketing from Arizona State and the determination to succeed, Gorjana was led to Neiman Marcus. Her abilities were immediately recognized when she was recruited to work for one of Neiman Marcus's top jewelry designers. Gorjana honed her craft, and in 2003 decided it was time to launch her own line.


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Gorjana was driven to develop a contemporary jewelry collection that reflects not only her life, but also her lifestyle. Her vision was to create a line of jewelry that can be worn from day to night, no matter the occasion. Crafted from the highest quality stones and materials, each piece is hand made.

Gorjana believes it is difficult to summarize her design philosophy, but views her jewelry as simplistic, versatile and alluring. She designs every piece of jewelry without sketching and considers her designs to be a form of energy that she shares with people. Positive self-image is the reflection desired when wearing her jewelry. Her designs contain a part of her life experiences and will undoubtedly continue to be an inspiration as her colorful life unfolds.

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