Frankie B Denim Jeans

What's wrong with a little backdoor cleavage? According to Frankie B's designer Daniella Clarke it appears nothing! Frankie B jeans were created by Clarke, who as a teenager used to cut the waistbands off of her jeans.

After a 4 year road tour with her guitarist husband Daniella Clarke wanted to create a line that brought rock and roll chic to the masses. Starting in her garage she created a line of low-slung, boot cut denim jeans named after her main source of inspiration, her daughter Frankie.

Knowing how sexy jeans can make a woman feel and the fact that they are a staple of most women's wardrobes she went to work and eventually created the low rise Frankie B jeans that have been credited with starting the low cut jeans craze.


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Frankie B Low Cut Jean

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