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The clothing lines by Fornarina reflect a lot of sexiness and perfect fits for beautiful figures. The shoes take much of their style and flare in this direction as well.

Fornarina shoes are about the most complementing footwear you can get to match their unique clothing styling. They seem to fit well on most feet and most have decent arch support and padding near the toes. Comfort often gets sacrificed in designer shoes and other couture clothing. This simply isn't the case most of the time with Fornarina foot wear.


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Fornarina 4393 Melon
fornarina melon 4100 pumps
Ice cream shoes

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Fornarina Annie
Forarina Annie makes a great walking shoe!
6:27 PM CDT, 07/17/09
Fornarina Shoes
The Fornarina Courtney High Heel
6:57 PM CST, 01/04/05