Femme Arsenal Clothes and Womens Wear

Combining hip hop style and urban elements, Meegan Barnes and Jessy Klein have created a clothing line that is for the ladies. It's all about expression, edginess and urban style. Femme Arsenal clothing which is inspired by hip hop was born after Meegan and Jessy met while working at Vibe magazine. What better way to leave a cool job like that than to go start your own couture clothing company!


Femme adj. -
Slang. Exhibiting stereotypical or exaggerated feminine traits. Used especially of lesbians and gay men. 

Slang. One who is femme.
Informal. A woman or girl.

Arsenal n. -
A stock of weapons.
A store or supply: an arsenal of retorts.


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Femme Arsenal Shirts

Shirts by Femme Arsenal are way cute and very colorful. From the "She Guevera" a take on Che Guevera a cuban revolutionary, to the erotic city dusty lilac design there are just so many fun and comfortable femme clothes designs to put together. Expect to see lots of new and destined to be classic tank tops and shirts from Femme.

Femme Dress and Skirts

Along with the grape She Guevera dress expect to see some cute and great fitting skirts and other dresses soon. There's a unique perspective and some inteligence beneath each design and that's what we love about Femme Arsenal.



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