Diesel Clothing: Their Jeans and Shoes

Diesel Jeans and Diesel Shoes are two of the hottest commodities in the closets of the stylish. Look for Green encounters to be in stores right about now, Birds Paradise shortly afer that, Fish Ahoy in April and lastly the Floral Eruption line. Expect to see a whole lot of nature enveloped into the designs. Birds and bees, fish and trees!

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Diesel Clothing Origins -
Diesel really gets a lot of credit for being one of the first modern trendsetters to be accepted by the "Global Village" as they love to term it. Diesel Jeans, Diesel Shoes, and other Diesel clothes started more than 20 years ago by Renzo Rosso who wanted the company to be a leader in the industry. He's certainly achieved his goal with more than 10,000 points of sale, and exposure in 80 countries. 


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Diesel Shoes

Diesel shoes are the type of shoe that can be worn to almost any occassion. That is to say, the line is so well developed that you're seldom able to find an event that some Diesel shoe cannot have you looking sharp or cute at (depending on your sex:-) ). From leather shoes to synthetic contemporary shoe materials Diesel footwear is ever so popular and available at many fine couture clothing stores as well as the large retailers like Niemann Marcus or Nordstrom's.

Diesel Jeans

If you're searching for a brand whose jeans basically come in every wash imaginable, have so many colors to choose from you can actually match all their shoe with them, or are just trying to stay on the edge of cool; Diesel Jeans can be your everything.



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