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If you're looking for style on the edge it's time to enter the lab! The Diesel style lab is bringing styles that only a mad scientist (ok, maybe just a really inventive, risk taking designer) could create. Their stunning visuals are unlike just about anything we're seeing right now. The line also really fits. May times you'll find that clothing lines don't seem to make sense as a whole; this problem is definitely absent here. The mens's line is daring and screams for attention. Women Diesel Style Lab clothing is markedly gritty and full of vivid expression.

What is the Style Lab?

Diesel Style Lab -
The style lab is a result of an interesting fashion show in 1998 at Adrenaline Village in London. The idea was to express that Diesel style is not just constrained to clothing. The style is much greater and broader than that. In order to show that Diesel clothing was fit for any environment and could be one of the more adaptable brands of couture clothing out there they came up with a fashion show unlike any other.

They basically created a "Labyrinth" in which the runway was curved throughout multiple rooms with different settings. The catch was that the audience walked the catwalk path, not the models!

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Style Lab Women's Clothes

Diesel's Style Lab concept produces some awesome women's wear and some truly versatile styles. We've heard nothing but good things about the fit and comfort level of these great looking clothes.

Diesel Style Lab for Men

We'll have an online catalog of Diesel menswear shortly. Please come back to learn more about the fit and feel of style lab for men.



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