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Custodio and Dalvid Dalmau are the invigorating breath that has brough Custo Barcelona Clothing to the forefront of couture. Since the 80's the brothers have been involved in Fashion; learning everything from manufacturing to distribution. Their talent, timeing and innovation paid off when in 1996 they released Custo Barcelona upon the American market. Hollywood being the capital of trend soon took notice. The clothing line enjoyed frequent exposure in the entertainment spotlight and in the spotlight of the personal lives of entertainers.

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Custo Barcelona and "Customania" -
Customania was coined in the short time after Custo clothing was released upon the American market. The media couldn't help but notice the hardly soft-spoken stylings of Custo T-shirts appearing all over the screens and in the private lives of celebrities. They had to name the phenomenon something!  


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The inspiring designs of Custo T-shirts are definitely for the more outspoken. It's not to suggest they're loud, but they're often open to interpretation and just be prepared to attract many conversations sporting a stylish Custo Tee Shirt.

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If you're looking to buy Custo Clothes online try to remember that the fit is often tight and designs are quite busy. Just make sure that is what you're looking for and you'll be very satisfied with the creativity and quality of the Custo Clothing line.



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