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The Buffalo Jeans style and trend is what sexy and slender is all about. Very cute fabrics from denim to cotton khaki styles make these clothes great. Buffalo clothing are often times 98% cotton with a slight bit of nylon or similar material to give them a little stretch to hug your curves beautifully.

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Buffalo Jeans -
Designer David Bitton should have more information about the origins of the design and style that make Buffalo Clothing quite couture. If you've got the inside scoop check out our Clothing fitments page and let our visitors know how they can expect the clothes to fit. 

Otherwise, we're also accepting articles about what clothing trends are hot in your area and what you see coming soon!


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Jeans by Buffalo Clothing

Currently the only published Buffalo jeans retailers are located in the provinces of Canada and one in Massachusetts, USA. As soon as updated information gets released we will post some links if available or otherwise just let you know where to find them.


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