Jeans by Blue Cult; makers of Denim Skirts and Jea

Blue Cult Jeans of course has jean wear down to a science but take a look at their awesome outerwear, jean skirts and cargo pants. They're definitely not a one track designer. You can find the apparel you want in colors that you weren't expecting. There are orange denim skirts, beautifully fitting pink denim pants and more.

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Blue Cult Jeans are made by French designer David Mechaly who is responsible for the awesome French styling combined with the clasic american look. The Blue cult look is retro, with awesome finishes that really seem vintage.

It's often said that Blue Cult jeans have the best fit on the market. They're hand-rubbed, have interesting stitch detailing and a ring-ring design that is flattering to the natural shape of the body.

Celebrities recently seen wearing Blue Cult Jeans include Sarah Jessica Parker, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Britney Spears, Tori Spelling, Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, Cher, Thalia Drew Barrymore, Milla Jovovich, Michelle Branch, Kate Hudson, Heather Graham, Jillian Barberie, Salma Hayek.


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Men's Jeans | Women's Jeans

Both Blue Cult jeans for men and women's Blue Cult jeans are excellently crafted and very couture. They share similar wash styles, stiching and coloring (minus of course, the pinks and super bright colors seen in some of the girl's colorings or stiching).

For the women's jeans you'll see everything from flared leg to straight leg design and even the really popular drawstring. We've received mix response about whether the Cult's jeans and pants fit small or large. We've never heard more than slightly in one direction. Either way, we've heard nothing but great things once you get the right fit.

Blue Cult Clothing

We're going to upload all of the comments we've collected about Blue Cult clothing fitments to help you make more informed choices if you're shopping on the internet. In the meantime we're always happy to collect more comments: Clothing Comments. Or, go to our Clothing fitments page and look for answers to your questions, if you have knowledge of what fits and what doesn't fit certain body types please leave comments or create an article.



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