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Dakota Collective is the combined company that includes BB Dakota and Jack BB Dakota. Jack BB Dakota caters to a slighty younger audiance than the original BB Dakota. Both lines gives you the empowerment from confidence, not overly sexy but hot none the less with some attitude.

BB Dakota Clothes have been featured in plenty of style magazines. The line was founded by Gloria Brandes who's husband Richard John (R.J.) Brandis is the designer. Gloria learned the manufacturing ropes from her families coat business. She actually started the company in the 80's, but recently started marketing her line with nZania, and sales tripled in 12 months. nZania contributed new marketing ideas and operations which exploded the brand on to the market.

You can find the clothes at Urban Outfitters and Nordstroms as well as over 5,000 retailers. Retailers love this brand because it is so cutting edge and it has unique styles at great prices so they sell quickly.


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Dakota Collective tries to give you the 'edgy vibe' while still maintaining a reasonable price point. Please share your thoughts about this clothing line.


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