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Adidas has long been known as the popular shoe company with the 3 stripe design that's been featured on everything from t-shirts and shoes, to sweatsuits and sweatshirts. Adidas has concerted a notable effort to bring us some more fashionable designs and bring back the old styles that we love(d). That can be seen in the many interesting color combinations that we're seeing these days.

Adidas debuted in 1928 at the Olympics in Amsterdam. At that time they were called Dassler Shoes. From then on the rest is history and contains all the elements which have combined to make what is now known as one of the shoe companies whose clothes and shoes transcend into the realm of couture.

Adidas Facts:
The word adidas comes from a contraction of Adi Dassler who was the founder of adidas.


Featured Clothing Brands:

Adidas Men's Clothes

Men's clothes styles are just as rapidly changing as those of women. It's hard to believe that Adidas clothes have managed to constantly design timeless styles that oft become more popular the older they get. Adidas makes great men's shoes, awesome track suits, warm ups and comfortable lightweight t-shirts.

Adidas Women's Clothes

Adidas women's apparel comes in the form of sports bras, track pants and so much more. They've got trendy tee's that will fit nicely in any couture clothing afficionado's closet.


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